Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Homemade Banana-Pecan Bread

My new SunBeam bread machine has long been awaiting its turn in the kitchen. I was intrigued with a machine that could turn something as intimidating as bread-making to something as easy as singing the ABCs. As I had a craving for sweet bread, I decided try my hand at the Banana-Pecan Bread recipe. First, throw in the liquid ingredients, then the dry ingredients, put it in the machine, press a button and walk away! I had a lot of fun watching the kneading blade go up and down, round and round. It was as if a little person was mixing and kneading my bread for me in the machine :)

As a virgin in the bread-making business and a Type A medical student, I decided to read the instruction booklet inside and out, in English and Spanish, backwards and forwards. Alas, in the midst of excitement, I forgot to put the yeast in the nook I made in the flour. However, it all gets mixed together in the end and my first time product came out beautifully, with the sweet aroma of bananas and the crunchy nuttiness of fresh pecans.

The bread next day was still soft, with a mild chewiness to it that I loved. I spread strawberry jam on mine and that was the best start to an 8am school day ever :)

Do you have any good bread recipes to share? What do you like to put in your bread? Any good suggestions on how to preserve homemade bread?

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