Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Pork Loin Roast worth "Glee"ing for

I've always had a soft spot for musicals and Broadway and if I were living in New York City, I would be lining up to see a new musical every night. Sadly, I do not live in the Big Apple or anywhere near. Luckily, the latest TV show Glee has brought the broadway back to me in the comfort of my own home, on my 24 inch plasma screen. What can be more entertaining than a TV show that combines music, dance and high school drama all together? (maybe except the High School Musical). The second new season of Glee proves even better than the first, with more sex appeal, drama, glam and music. They even showcased Madonna's classics in the latest episode.

Glee airs on Fox every Tuesday

 How better to complement this awesome entertainment during dinner than making one of the best pork roast recipes ever introduced by Ina Garten from Food Network Barefoot Contessa. This recipes practically screams GLEE--- it makes me want to start twirling and start belching out tunes on my dinner table. 

Yes, it's that good. The pork is moist and when it melts in my mouth, I can taste the blend of fresh rosemary and thyme with the tanginess of lemon and touch of garlic.

Did I also mention how incredibly easy and cheap it is? My 2.5lb pork loin rib end roast cost me less than $5 at my local supermarket. Marinate it, leave it in the oven and dinner is served just before Glee starts showing.

Don't believe me? Guess you just have to try it to become a believer :)

The recipe can be found  here courtesy of Food Network.

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