Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010!

14 years ago, it was Earth Day on April 21, 1996. I was in sixth grade and that day my story was published in the front page of the The South China Morning Youth Post in Hong Kong. I searched hard in the archives to share with you the story but unfortunately couldn't find it. The story was set in the not so near future, where humans lived in a concrete jungle, where trees were a rarity and fresh produce was a thing of the past. With a touch of a button at home in front of the television, there was nothing humans could do without leaving the house. 

 beautiful scenery in Williamsburg, VA

The story might seem somewhat cheesy now but I realized I have lost some of that optimism I had as a child. What I have achieved in the last fourteen years in my vow to protect what Mother Nature has given us? Besides the occasional use of environmentally friendly light bulbs and remembering to turn off the lights when I go out, I still run the dishwasher far too many times and go through enough plastic bags to fill a landfill. I am ashamed but  this post has inspired me and given me a chance to redeem myself.

On a positive note, I recently planted some seedlings at home: sweet basil, dill, and yellow pepper. I am hoping the greenery will be a constant reminder to me how much work and time it takes for a plant to blossom. Oh, and I am definitely bringing that recyclable shopping bag with me tomorrow to the supermarket. 

Do you have any goals on Earth Day?


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