Thursday, May 20, 2010

Simple, Beautiful, Everyday Bread

It's crunch month time. My future career and life will depend on this 8 hr exam exactly one month away. It's hard to think that my life will depend on a 3 digit score but that's how the field of medicine works. With the courtesy of Dr. Costanzo, I have my study schedule down to the minute second. It also means a whole less blogging time and the need for quick, easy meals. 

 1 of many books I got to know

My bread machine has brought a whole new meaning to bread making. After lots of trial and error, I think I have found the perfect everyday bread courtesy of Happy Home Baking.  This awesome mother of two have some of the best bread recipes I have tried. This milk bread recipe is perfect since the ingredients are simple and do not require any heavy cream. The texture is soft but easy to cut. The light taste of butter really makes this bread special. It goes well with jam, peanut butter and today, I also declare it the perfect sandwich bread.

the cute shape of the bread from my Sunbeam always amuses me

 soft and pillowy 
 The original recipe asks for a pullman tin and shaping the loaf by hand. I was lazy so I decided to double the recipe and use the Sweet dough Function on my SunBeam bread machine instead. 

Recipe on Everyday Milk Bread (adapted from Happy Home Baking, original recipe here)

286g fresh milk (I used HL low-fat fresh milk)
70g egg
50g caster sugar
10g salt (~ <2 tsp of salt)
500g bread flour
8g Instant yeast (2tsp)
76g butter (unsalted)

1. Place the milk, egg, sugar, salt, flour and yeast into the pan of the bread machine. Set to Dough function and let the machine knead for 20 min, with the top open.  Add the butter 8-10 min into the process.
2. Set the machine to Sweet function (2lb, light crust) and let it do its job :)
3. Wake up to the fresh smell of bread and dig in.

 Perfect bread for sandwich making :)

 Quick Panini with Smoked ham (Traders Joe) , Mozzarella, Romaine lettuce over a spread of Djon Mustard, a sprinkle of basil and freshly ground pepper.

Do you have any quick and easy meals you like? 


  1. You bake as good as HHB, if not better!!! I think HHB is very good in making breads/buns, chiffon cakes and cookies!

  2. We had a bread maker for years and stopped using so I gave away, keep saying to my husband I think I want another one. Can control what goes into our bread way better, we will know what we are eating our sandwiches on again. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. aww thanks guys! ive been neglecting this is getting so busy :(

  4. Great to see another Virginia blogger- even if you are a transplant- Best of luck with your test!