Friday, December 11, 2009

A Wrap a Day keeps the Doctor Away

I love to eat but I also want to stay healthy and sexy. Right, ladies? :P

Tortilla Wraps are a healthy lunch alternative to greasy burgers and sandwiches and they are so easy to make. I made this Crispy Chicken Wrap from some leftover Chicken Parmesan I made the night before. Add some fresh ripe avacadoes, tomato, cheese and ranch dressing for a lil bit of flair, roll it up, and you've got the perfect lunch in less than 10 min!

Side note: I just discovered a Trader Joe's in Richmond and I AM SO EXCITED! Got a pack of spinach tortilla wraps for 2.99, not to mention a whole bunch of other snacks, but that's for another entry!  
Traders Joe <3 <3 <3!

Recipe for Sweet P's Crispy Chicken Wrap:
2 Chicken Parmesan (or any chicken breaded and fried), cut into strips
romaine lettuce, shredded
half a tomato, strips
Monterey and Colby cheese, shredded
half Avacado, strips
Buttermilk Ranch dressing (I used Krafts)
Spinach tortilla (or any corn tortilla will do)

Lay the tortilla down, spread some dressing on, assemble ingredients, rolllll n Enjoy!


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