Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trader Joe's X'mas Haul!

It's snowing outside (not really, but I wish it was), my X'mas holiday tunes are blasting 24/7, and all iI want to do is snuggle up under my blankets with two of my favorite Christmas warm fuzzies -  hot sipping chocolate and a slab of peppermint bark.

I'm a self-proclaimed mint chocolate junkie. For the longest time, Mintchipchip was my online persona =P. Anyways, I used to drink hot cocoa straight from those powder packets you can find at any regular supermarket, but it always seem to lack that strong, bittersweet flavor you find in dark chocolate. No matter how many marshmarllows you put in them, it just does not cut it.  So when my friend recommended Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate, I had to try it.

" a chocolate experience meant to be sipped and savored...a European taste and you may feel like you've been whisked away to a sidewalk bistro in Rome or Barcelona".

I personally haven't been to either Rome or Barcelona, but if the men there were as velvety and smooth as this delicious mug of hot chocolate, I'll buy a ticket there any day.

As for the peppermint bark, the quality at Trader Joe's is comparable to the $20 box you can find at Williams Sonoma and it's a deal for only $4.99!

Sprinkle a lil chopped peppermint bark in the hot chocolate and tada! Peppermint cocoa and double your pleasure... and if you're a mint fanatic like me, pour a hint of peppermint liquor and head to bed for some sweet dreams....

 What are some of your favorite Trader Joe's items???

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  1. chocolate! YUMMYYYY
    alrighty continue to post delicious food for me to be jealous! (maybe I will follow your reciepes in LA)