Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chef Beau or Chef Ann? Ginger Soy Cream Chilean Seabass (銀雪魚)

After showcasing Chef Ann's Pork Milanese recipe, I decided I had to be fair and give Chef Beau a chance. The entree he showed in the finale was "Codfish in Ginger Soy Cream". I noticed Chef Beau always tries to infuse a little Thai/Asian flavors in his dishes and this one is no different.

The smooth and creamy codfish is pan-fried and sits on top of a flavorful ginger and garlic buttery cream sauce. I omitted the mussels and added some shrimp instead to the dish. I must admit the flavors tingled my senses and I drizzled the sauce over a bowl of steamy jasmine rice.

Recipe can be found here. I felt like the recipe called for too much sauce so I would suggest using less than 1/2 cup for all liquids. I also substituted the codfish with Chilean Sea bass which can be found in any Asian Market.

All hail yummy creaminess. :)

Are you as excited about the next season of Worst Cooks in America as  I am????

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