Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Worst Cooks in America : Pork Milanese w/ Warm Autumn Salad & Poached Eggs

Imagine being voted as one of the worst cooks by your friends and having to go through a 10 day boot camp with renowned chefs and representing them in a panel of food critics.. The thought can let anyone weak in the knees. After a grudging 2 weeks, I was fully impressed with the new skills and knowledge the two finalists had come to master. I mean, I consider myself a pretty good cook and even I haven't had the guts to make fresh pasta!

In the finale, Rachel's main course was Pork Milanese served with a Warm Autumn Salad and Poached egg on top. The dish stood out to me (I'm a big fan of runny eggs) and I was intrigued. What is Pork Milanese??? After some research it turns out Pork Milanese is the American version of the Japanese Katsu (Panko-covered pork chops fried in hot oil). I decided to make it for dinner.


Truth is, it is a simple recipe with a fancy name. Then again, who can resist runny yolks over a deep fried savory piece of pork chops? The salad was warm and easy to make. The combination of oyster mushrooms, apples and red onions over a red vinegar dressing balanced out the richness of the pork. Overall, definitely something I will remake on a cold snowy day.

I can't wait for the next season of Worst Cooks in America to come!!! Do you have anyone to nominate????

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