Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tiramisu Cake My Way

What do you do when you need to satisfy chocolate, coffee and alcohol cravings at the same time?

Tiramisu Cake saves the day! 

I wanted to originally use Doris Greenspan's Tiramisu Cake recipe, which can be found here. Somehow I find myself failing terribly at making a normal yellow cake. I can, however, make the perfect chiffon cake so I altered the recipe and used a normal chiffon cake recipe instead. 


 The rich mascarporne cream was perfectly balanced against the lighter fluffy chiffon cake, making it a lighter version of the normal food-coma inducing Tiramisu. The birthday girl had a big smile on her face and I am happy as well. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

Happy Birthday Min!


  1. Looks fantastic!! I love the chiffon cake idea, yours is so light & airy, nice job! PS I have that cake carrier too :) its awesome, isn't it?

  2. thx andrea! it IS an awesome carrier. I need to get myself a cupcake one sometime :)