Thursday, January 14, 2010

Italian Seafood Stew + Foodie Blogroll!

All chefs have a Muse. I might be an amateur cook but my inspiration comes from the one person who has  bestowed me with the love of cooking and the genes to do so.

My father, the hero.

Whenever I'm at a lost when dinner time rolls around, I think back to the many dishes my dad has improvised over the years. Tonight was no different. My father's latest rendition of an Italian Seafood Stew left many mouths-a-watering at the New Year Eve's potluck dinner. With a little extra help by Giadia from Food Network, I was able to create my own special version. I added Tilapia ( any white fish will do), fresh shrimps and some mussels from the frozen section (which was pretty good surprisingly). Complemented by seafood stock (available from any supermarket), fresh tomatoes, parsley, mushrooms and lots of dried herbs, Jerry and I sopped up the stew with toasted rustic bread from the bakery.

Thank you daddy dear :)


  1. Simply Life: Thanks! Seafood is awesome!

  2. It looks delicious SweetP! Congrats on foodie blogroll! Andrea the Kitchen Witch ;-)

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  4. Congrats on the Foodie Blog roll! I love this dish, nothing beats seafood.

  5. To:
    Andrea the Kitchen Witch: Thanks! I'm so happy about foodie blogroll too.

    Camelia: Thanks for your invite. I will definitely check PetitChef out.

    Alisa: I agree! Any other seafood suggestions?